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Benefits of Installing A Skylight

Skylight in living room

Benefits of Installing A Skylight

Skylights are not the everyday addition to residential roofing, but their aesthetic appeal makes them an attractive home design element. These additions also provide several benefits that could match your unique ventilation, heating, or lighting needs. Available in a range of designs and sizes, you can add a single skylight or more to your roofing if your needs require it. Skylights can effortlessly transform the look and feel of a space. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of installing a skylight.

Enhance Light and Heating

If you are looking to add natural lighting to your space, installing skylights is an ideal way to let light enter a dark room or one that’s poorly lit. Your attic, for example, could be stuffy and lack adequate lighting, and installing a skylight could allow the natural light to brighten up the space and give it new life. As a heating source, skylights can be installed to receive direct sunlight, trapping heat in a cold room, and warming up the space. 

Facilitate Ventilation

Maybe your bathroom or small living space just seems like it’s a bit suffocating, with limited light and not enough fresh air circulating. A skylight can be the perfect solution for improving air quality in your space. They are particularly useful for fostering cross ventilation. Think of a cool day without your air conditioning unit running and relaxing under the comfort of your skylight.

Energy Saving

With skylights’ triple benefit of enhanced natural lighting, solar heat gain, and ventilation, you can reduce heating and cooling costs during the warmer months. You will use less electricity because you don’t have to run your HVAC unit all year round, and you will spend less purchasing bulbs. Some types of skylights with a glazing feature can block UV rays, but keep in mind that skylight with tinted glazing, blocking glare, lets in less light.

Increase Home’s Value

Skylights as an addition to a home generally increase its equity. If you are thinking of small home improvement projects that can do to increase the value, installing skylights can be a good investment. If selling your home, you can leverage your skylight addition to increase your home’s asking price. Consider skylights that are energy-efficient, high-quality, and ensure that it’s properly installed.

Illusion of More Space

A space with a skylight tends to look larger than its actual size. The illusion of more space is attractive, especially when your space is relatively small. Being able to view the outdoor, particularly the sky from below can open up a space.

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Skylights can be a beautiful addition to any space and provide benefits that could improve your home and life. If you’re ready to install a skylight in your home this year, our team at Mario’s Roofing is ready to assist! Give our team a call at (781) 344-2420 or fill out our online contact form for more information. We look forward to assisting you!

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