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Bridgewater MA Contractors

Situated 15 miles down south of Stoughton, Bridgewater is located in Plymouth County with the pleasant scenery of having Taunton river flowing through it. Bridgewater has a lot to offer, for those outsiders who are interested in exploring mysterious paranormal phenomena. Bridgewater triangle is an interesting spot for rumored UFO, Giant Snakes, and Big Foot sightings. It brings the team at Mario’s Roofing a great pleasure to provide high-quality Roofing, Siding & Window services to this buzzing ambiance city for many years. Have a look at our exciting services we have to offer down below!

Top Services Offered in Bridgewater MA:

Roofing in Bridgewater MA

Choosing the right roofing type can be overwhelming. You want the look that compliments your house perfectly but you can’t decide if the Asphalt or Metal tiles fits well with your house. We give you sets of samples on what we have done in the past and what we feel gives your house that little edge that makes you stand out from the rest of your neighbors!

Asphalt Roofs  |  Rubber Roofs  |  Metal Roofs  |  Slate Roofs  |  Rolled Roofs

Siding in Bridgewater MA

It is the same way as your roof protects your home from moisture being trapped and exposing interior damages. Siding covers most of the house and if there is a slight fail to the siding, interior and exterior of your house could cause a big headache. And we don’t want any of that. Although we all want to save money, having a siding failure could cause a bigger damage to your pocket which could have been prevented from the start.

Replacement Windows in Bridgewater MA

Old drafty windows throughout Bridgewater Massachusetts are bringing down the overall quality of homes. As home owners start exploring fixing their windows problems they have two important questions to ask. Who is going to install my windows and what windows am I going to get? As a leading replacement window contractor in the area we have install thousands of windows. Whether it be Harvey, Anderson or Pella we will make the process easy for you.

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