Cupolas & Weathervanes

At Mario’s Roofing, we have found great success installing cupolas during a re-roofing project. That is the perfect time since we are already working on the roof.

If you have a re-roofing project coming up, or are planning to add a garage or other building to your property, now is the right time to look at your personalized cupola.


Give your home an extra touch of style with a Cupola. A cupola is a small, dome-like structure on top of buildings that dates back to Roman architecture.

We will design, build, and install your cupola based of what you are looking for! Cupolas products:

  • Vinyl
  • Cedar
  • Millennial
  • Copper
  • Norwell


Weathervanes which can go on top of your roof, garage or barn, instill a level of beautify and style that so many homeowners greatly enjoy. At Mario’s roofing we can work with you whether you based off your style from a polished copper horse or a blue verde copper rooster.

For more information about Mario’s Quality Roofing please give us a call at 781-344- 2420 or fill out an online contact form.

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