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Defensive Action Against Snow and Ice

Defensive Action Against Snow and Ice

Here in New England, we all know how relentless our winters can be – the likes of snow, freezing rain, and hail can seemingly strike at a moment’s notice and with great force. If you can, just imagine for a moment how our roofs must feel! They are constantly put to the test by the elements, and a vulnerable roofing system can easily fold under tough conditions, especially in the winter months.

If you’re a homeowner, it’s smart to know the ins and outs of your roof, so that you can prevent minor damage before it becomes catastrophic. One important question that you might have during our long winters here: What action(s) can I take against snow and ice? In today’s blog, we’ll be answering just this question! Keep reading below for more information!

Taking a Stand Against Snow & Ice

As it turns out, snow and ice aren’t just nuisances to humans, they can also cause problems for our roofs as well. Though snow and ice might not seem like much of a threat at first, they can quickly accumulate, increasing both weight and pressure that can easily overwhelm a compromised roof system. When it comes to keeping your roof safe from the elements, the best offense is a good defense. Some actions you can take in your strategy against snow and ice include:

Getting a roof inspection: A roof inspection is one of the most straightforward ways to determine how fit your roof is to take on the elements. With a proper roof inspection, you can assess the state of your roof, and what actions are necessary to take from there.

Necessary roof repair: Damaged or missing shingles not only make your roof look weakened or compromised, but they can also get the elements one step closer to wreaking havoc on your roofing system.

Invest in good ventilation: For a number of reasons, good ventilation is ideal to have in any home. In addition to making your interior more comfortable, good ventilation can deter ice from accumulating on your roof. Poor ventilation can liquify snow on your roof, causing it to turn to water that can quickly freeze overnight. This effectively leaves you with ice on your roof, which no homeowner wants to deal with.

Looking For Quality Roof Maintenance?

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