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Exterior Home Maintenance Tips for The Spring

Exterior Home Maintenance Tips for The Spring

With much of Eastern Massachusetts receiving its largest snowfall of the season today, it may not seem right to talk about spring but that’s exactly what we are going to do. With it being March already, we are almost only two weeks away from the first day of spring. With spring comes warm weather and time to get out of the house. Homeowners start with yard work and it’s a great time of the year! As someone that owns a house, this provides the perfect opportunity to run through a home checklist.

Here are some of our spring home maintenance checklist items we believe you should follow.

1. Roof Inspection: Every roof endures a lot during the winter! From ice damage, to ice dams, make sure you take care of any repairs to avoid possible leaks.

2. Tree Inspection: All of the extra strain that tree limbs get put on from snow, ice and wind can leave them damaged and susceptible to breaking off. Trimming any damaged tree limbs will ensure a safer home and property.

3. Gutters: Your gutters can get pretty banged up during the winter too. Clean out an debris build up to reduce possible water damage.

4. Fix Driveway or Walkway Cracks: We are around homes every single day. We see cracks pop up in driveways more than ever during the winter. Spring is the perfect time to repair them.

5. Repair any cracked paint: If you find yourself painting your house’s siding all the time, you may need a siding installation. But, if this is an isolated incident, then a quick paint job might be in order to get your house looking nice for the spring and summer months.

Every season presents an opportunity for you to maintenance parts of your house. The spring and fall more than ever are perfect for exterior maintenance. Take advantage before it gets too hot outside and make sure that your house is in working order.

If you notice any big issues or even repairs that are needed to be made, Mario’s Roofing provides roofing, siding, window, gutter  and skylight work across much of SouthEastern Massachusetts.

For further information, we can be reached over the phone at 781-344-2420 or through our online contact form.

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