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Fall Home Maintenance To-Do’s

Fall Home Maintenance To-Do’s

Fall is a great time to touch up your house on all fronts before winter arrives. Summer weekend getaways happen on a less frequent occurrence, giving you more time to maintain the quality and integrity of your house. With this being the first full week of fall, here are some maintenance tips to help you out:

  1. Trim Trees & Shrubs: Winter can be extremely harsh on trees, so make sure that the ones on your property are healthy. Falling limbs and trees cause tremendous damages to roofs and siding every year, so make sure you are ready.
  2. Gutters & downspouts: Once most of the leaves have fallen, farther into Autumn it is crucial that you clean out your gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters during the winter can lead to leaks through your roof.
  3. Exterior Repairs/Replacements: Going into winter, you want to make sure your house as a whole is structurally sound. A whole in the roof or broken siding board could cause some issues during the winter. A proper inspection can go a long way for your:
  4. Prepare Deck: Make sure that your porch or deck aren’t in need of repairs. Cover and store all chairs and accessories that you have been using. This even means that emptying pots are essential because the dirt can freeze causing pots to crack.
  5. Look Interior: After you have done your do-diligence outside, the fall is also a great time to plan any interior remodeling jobs you have been thinking about.

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