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Four Important Things To Know About Ice Dams

Icicles hanging off roof

Four Important Things To Know About Ice Dams

Mario’s Roofing every single winter finds homes across Massachusetts that have ice dam issues. With the weather dropping considerably fast this week, I think homeowners need to be extremely aware of the risk that they could have an ice dam form. Here are the most important things that you need to know about ice dams.

What is an ice dam?

Ice dams are the forming of ice that builds up right at the edge of your roof. They can cause great damage to your roof and gutters which can then lead to further issues for your home.

What’s the cause of an ice dam?

Ice dams are mainly an issues with poor ventilation and circulation underneath a roof. What happens is ice and snow melts toward the top and middle of the roof resulting in water to drip down your roof. When it reaching the edge, it then refreezes due to the outside cold and lack of warmth under the roof. This continued build up creates an ice dam.

How do I prevent ice dams?

The best way to make sure you don’t get ice dams is with proper attic insulation and roof ventilation. This should technically be taken care of when a house is built but if not done properly can be fixed later on by a professional. For more ice prevention details read an old blog of ours.

How to remove ice dams?

If you notice you have ice dams on your house this winter, it can be dangerous to solve the issue. It is recommenced to hire a professional but if you tackle the job yourself, find a ladder with a stabilizer bar to access the edges of your roof. From there, the best way to remove the ice is to chip away or by using a chemical de-icer products.

At the end of the day, ice dams can be real annoying! Do your best to make sure you prevent them and your winter will go alot smoother.

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