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How to Tell if I Need New Windows

How to Tell if I Need New Windows

Windows undoubtedly transform your home in several ways, but all too often, homeowners don’t recognize when they need new windows. While windows allow natural light into the home, they also boost curb appeal and they improve energy-efficiency. However, older windows can make your home drafty which can easily increase your energy bill.

Let’s explore some signs that your home needs new windows:

  1. Energy Bills

If you notice your energy bills have been consistently higher, this could indicate that your windows aren’t doing their job. If you stand near the window on a cold day, does it feel much cooler than the rest of the home? If so, consider replacing your windows.

Another way to test out your windows is by placing a candle near a closed window and if the candle flickers or the smoke moves, this most likely means a draft is coming through.

  1. Difficulty Opening the Window

When your windows are consistently difficult to open, it’s absolutely time to have them replaced. Not only is this a major fire hazard but it’s incredibly challenging to let fresh air into your home. A sealed window could be due to the paint job, warped frame, or a shift in your home’s foundation.

  1. Condensation

One of the biggest signs that it’s time for a new window is when condensation begins to form. If you notice ice in the window even when it’s shut and locked, consider purchasing new windows. Mold will most likely grow which will rot the window frame.

  1. Outside Noise is Much Louder

There’s nothing more frustrating than hearing traffic at all hours of the day, your neighbor’s dog barking, or any other outside commotion. If these sounds appear as if they’re directly in your home, this is a clear indication that your windows are poorly insulated. Again, this will lead to an increase in energy bills.

  1. Outdated & Unappealing

Although your windows could be functioning properly, an outdated window is quite unattractive. If you’ve recently updated your home or you have a beautiful exterior, you may want to upgrade your windows to match the aesthetics.

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The team at Mario’s Roofing has years of experience providing homeowners with new energy-efficient windows. With our expertise and guidance, we’ll provide you with new windows without going over your budget. If you’re ready for new windows, give us a call at 781.344.2420.

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