Metal roofing has been a popular commercial roofing solution for many years and is gaining more and more within the residential community within the past years. Metal roofs are able to provide businesses with a durable long lasting roofing solution that can handle the elements.

At Mario’s Roofing we provide both commercial businesses and homeowners with these metal roofing installations. Whether you need to replace a current metal roof or if you’re looking to switch from asphalt to metal roofing, we are the right ones for you. What are the benefits of metal roofing though?

Advantages of Metal Roofing:

Longevity: While the initial installation cost of a metal roof is usually higher than asphalt roofing, it makes up for it with how long it can last. Depending on the material and brand, metal roofs can last anywhere between 40-70 years!

Light Weight: Metal roofs are extremely light weight compared to other roofing solutions. They on average, weigh between 100-150 pounds per square allowing for less stress put onto your home.

Energy Efficiency: Metal roofs reflect heat extremely well which is a great thing for your energy bill. Cooling costs can be reduced up to 10-25% with a metal roof.