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Natural Stone Siding

Discover Our Natural Stone Siding

Natural stone siding is a great addition to a home whether you are remodeling, building a new property, or reconstructing the interior or exterior! You may want to spruce up the fireplace area, siding, or want an accent wall. Natural stone adds a unique flare that can add character to any home! There is an array of colors, textures, and cuts that can be suitable for any home or style. There are endless combinations of colors and textures, that we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the final product!


Why Choose Natural Stone?

From a visual standpoint, natural stone siding can give the impression that the exterior of your home is sturdy and sound. The inclusion of natural stone is an architectural feature that most homes do not have. You cannot replicate the rocky appearances unlike the styles of other siding that are offered.

Natural stone siding comes from quarried stone, making it authentic and genuine. If the overall concern for the exterior of the home is a visual standout, natural stone is the ideal option. Natural stone is known for its original look staying intact for many years. To know which style is most suitable for your home or project all depends on what visually suits the area! Samples of different textures and colors can help to better visualize what will look best.

For those who are looking for the natural stone look, but need a more financially savvy route, natural stone veneer is an option! There are no stones used with this type of product. However, this type of siding is a concrete mixture molded into shapes (stone), and then formatted into an appearance that is similar to natural stone siding! Natural stone veneer is lightweight and is less expensive making it budget-friendly for any wallet.

The professionals at Mario’s Roofing, Siding and Windows are here to help answer any questions you may have in regards to these types of natural stone siding.

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My house needed a little tlc. I knew which way the wind was blowing by which curtain was flapping. And I had to ask other people for estimates on costs. I am still waiting for them? Fall 2020 I was talking to my local funeral director and he told of the great work Marios did on his roof . I called Steve, came we wrote up an estimate and waited for my turn, they are very busy and as we know supplies are tight.They started every day at 7 am they worked till 6-7 pm and every day the yard was spotless when they left. A shout out to Clem Fogarty Const out of Lakeville the house needed some sill work done and they are experts at it. As with any project and this was large it included new roof ,windows, trim ,gutters and siding the estimate from Steve was not the same as the final bill you are going to find surprises they would always tell you up front what rot they found and what was needed to fix it. I think they deserve ten stars for their great honest work. They are making towns look better one house at a time. THANKS

Michael T. Newton, MA


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