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Plymouth is a town within Plymouth County, MA, and is a center of history, culture, and is sometimes lovingly referred to as “America’s Hometown.” Famously known as the site where New England’s roots officially began, the pilgrims from the Mayflower established a colony in Plymouth in the 1620’s. It is one of the oldest towns in all of the United States. Plymouth is located on the South Shore, and is about 40 miles south of Boston. With a population around 58,000, Mario’s Roofing proudly serves the town of Plymouth for all of their home improvement needs.

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Roofing in Plymouth, MA

Typically, an asphalt shingle roof only lasts anywhere between 20 or 30 years. If you’ve been living in your house going on 40 to 45 years, there could be issues going on that you cannot see from your yard. Depending on your roof’s condition, you can likely keep it in the state it’s in for a few more years. If you live in a residential development, look around and see if your neighbors are working on their roofs. If so, that is a big indicator you should be looking into doing so yourself.

Siding in Plymouth, MA

Have you been wanting to spruce up the look of your home? New siding might just be the answer you’re looking for. Installing new siding can give your home an entirely new look! Even though wood siding is beautiful to look at, it is quite needy for home siding. Opting for Vinyl, instead of wood, not only cuts out the maintenance, but also protects your home in a more effective manner. Check out some of our options!

Replacement Windows in Plymouth, MA

Everyone loves to save money. If you’ve been noticing your energy bills are running high, you might want to blame your windows. Old windows can be drafty, which leads to your home not being efficient at keeping heat inside in the winter, or coolness inside throughout the summer. To avoid these issues, see if installing new windows in your home is right for you. Mario’s Roofing is here to help!

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