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Pro’s & Con’s of Slate Roofing


Pro’s & Con’s of Slate Roofing

Slate roofing has been around in the United States since the 1600s and has peaked in popularity in the early 1900’s. It has historically been extremely popular within historic home renovations and here is why!

Benefits of Slate Roofing:

1. Appearance: 

There really is no roofing material that is able to match the historic and distinctive look that comes with slate roofs. A truly unique beauty that can be found in a variety of one-of-a-king colors.

2. Durability: 

Slate roofs can last anywhere between 75-150 years compared to that of an asphalt roof that only lasts 25 years. It may be hard to think more than 25 years down the road but it will last your whole life!

3. Fire Resistance: 

Roofing materials across the board have certainly improved their fire resistance. But, slate being a natural stone, is far and above the most fire resistant material out of them all.

4. High Resale Value:

The beautiful and performance combined with the fact that homeowner know their roof is secure for a long time directly leads to an increased resale value when you have slate installed on your house.

Cons of Slate Roofing:

1. Cost: 

The upfront cost of a slate roofing installation is far and above more than your typical asphalt roof. While yes, it can last up to 150 years, the huge upfront investment can scare away most homeowners.

2. Weight:

Slate weighs much more than typical roofing options, and because of that, not every roof can handle this weight. Additional structural support may be need so their is not damage done to your home.

If you are in the market for a new roofing in the Boston or Southeastern Massachusetts area, please feel free to reach out. Our team works with a range of different roofing materials and are here to educate every homeowner so they get the perfect material that fits their wants and needs.

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