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Siding: Frequently Asked Questions

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Siding: Frequently Asked Questions

Siding: it is one of the most important yet, most overlooked components of any home.

While it can certainly add a lot of curb appeal to your property – providing a fresh, polished appearance – siding also brings a lot of practicality to the table.

Don’t believe us? Well, for instance, properly installed siding can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. It can also drive up your home’s resale value in the long run.

These are just two of the many benefits that siding can bring to you and your home. If you would like to learn more, read below for some frequently asked questions about siding!

What Types of Siding Are There?

The short answer is – many. If you’re looking to outfit your home with the appropriate siding, the sheer number of options out there might be overwhelming. There are a great number of siding types, originating from a number of materials. Some of these materials include:

With a plethora of options to choose from, it all boils down to what’s most suitable for your home, which leads to our next FAQ.

Which Siding Type Is Best For My Home?

This question is subjective, as the answer depends on what you’re looking for.

For example, when it comes to siding, what exactly are you seeking? Is it durability, affordability, appearance, longevity, versatility, etc.? The more you assess what you’re looking for, the closer you’ll get to an answer.

Vinyl siding is known for being a particularly affordable option, while also being relatively low-maintenance and aesthetically appealing. On the contrary, fiber cement is not necessarily known for being budget-friendly, but it is very durable, and can really make your home stand out with its unique wood-like appearance.

How Long Does Siding Last?

This question varies based upon the material. As mentioned above, some materials are known to last longer than others, and vice versa. The amount of time depends on the quality of said materials, in addition to the quality of installation.

A quick overview of the most popular siding materials and how long they last:

Vinyl siding – Up to 60 years depending on quality

Fiber cement siding – Up to 50 years depending on quality

Wood siding – Up to 40 years depending on quality

Again, these numbers are general, as the lifespan of these siding materials can vary.

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