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Mario’s Roofing is a specially certified installer of VELUX skylights with solar power shades. For over sixty years, VELUX has been a leader in skylight and roof light solutions. They are highly focused in having the best quality and most energy efficient daylighting products.

VELUX offers a complete system of skylights and accessories you can configure and accessorize to suit your style. Some people may want to have a skylight to create a light space in their home. Others may want to create a more eco-friendly environment within their home using less electricity from lights. There are solutions for those who have flat ceilings as well being able to incorporate a skylight.

Know Your Options

It is easier for homeowners who have vaulted ceilings, but with flat ceilings it is more of a process to incorporate the skylights. It would start with making a fit for a skylight in the roof and have that enter the attic of a home. Then a reflecting area where the light would shine through the ceiling to the designated area would be installed. There is then a lightwell which creates an open area in the center of a building which will bring light to the lower floors. There is a solution for different homes and ceiling styles.

VELUX offers an array of different skylights and accessories to suit a person’s style choices. They range in size being available for even the smallest of spaces. Information is easily accessible with the help of our professionals to assist in the decision you want for your home.

There are two models that use VELUX control rods to manually open and close the skylights. They offer the natural light you are looking for and allow for great filtration of fresh air as well. There are two other VELUX models that are battery operated with varying accessories ranging from being solar powered and having rain sensors. The professionals at Mario’s Roofing Siding and Windows are ready to provide any information on the models and installation processes.

Whether you want a brand new skylight installed on your roof or if you need a new replacement, there is no better place to turn then us. Modernizing your home with skylights will help to cut your heating costs and reduce energy costs while experiencing the benefits of natural lighting.

For more information about Mario’s Roofing Siding & Windows and their skylight services please feel free to give us a call at 781-344-2420 or fill out our online contact form.

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