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Spring Time Outdoor Maintenance Tips

Spring Time Outdoor Maintenance Tips

It sometimes feels as if Spring isn’t even a season in New England. But with temperatures to hit 60’s and 70’s next week it is certainly going to feel like spring shortly. With warm weather comes a resurgence from the winter time sorrows. As you clean up your house it’s important to look outside for important house maintenance tips.

Check the Gutters: Ice, snow and heavy rain can take a toll on a homes gutters. With all the snow in the area finally melted this would be a good time to make sure that they’ll still in working order. Look for any part of your gutters pulling apart from the roof and any improper drainage that can lead to leaking through your roof.

Roofing Shingles Examination: All parts of your house get hit hard during the winter and your roof is no exception. If you know what you are doing and don’t want to hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof then be safe and look for potential damage. Any leaks in your house, missing shingles, buckling shingles & missing granules that have fallen into your gutters are all signs that you’re in need of potential repairs or replacements.

Siding: Whether you have wood siding, vinyl or maybe even James Hardie there will come a time when it either gets dirty or looks old. James Hardie Fiber Cement will keep its structure and color for much longer then the other materials but the spring time is a great time to check out the quality of your siding.

Overgrown Trim: Trees, and limbs take on a lot of weight from snow during the winter and while they could be healthy during the fall, they could break, or end up in a position over your house. This is a good time to trim back on any branches that are 5-7 feet away from your house to prevent against branch damage.

There is so much more that you can do during the spring to maintain the beauty of your house. For more information please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at (781)-344-2420 or through our online contact form.

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