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Stoneface Siding

Discover Our Stoneface Siding

Brickface can transform any home or living space into your dream home. Brickface is a masonry exterior remodeling expertise that constructs the look of real brick in an array of different shapes and colors!

Why Choose Stoneface Siding

There is design flexibility with stoneface siding. This type of siding uses thin pieces of stone rather than the entire block. With stoneface siding being a veneer, there is a wide array of colors and patterns for you to choose from! Like most exterior decisions, the best way to choose the ideal pattern and color is by what is consistent with the rest of the exterior of your home.

It is a viable option for homeowners looking to update or build a stunning exterior to their homes. Some homeowners prefer for their entire homes to be stoneface. Others may opt for more specific exterior areas. This can accent certain areas such as the entry way! Mixing stone styles is an option that could add an eye-catching characteristic to your home. Light and dark stones can create an interesting contrast between the two tones. Some want a more subtle look by combing slate with different colored stones. Of course, there is always the choosing of a consistent pattern and color as well!

Stoneface siding is long lasting, durable, and is cost-efficient. When comparing other types of siding, some may find it difficult to choose what would be best suited for their homes. The professionals at Mario’s Roofing Siding and Windows are here to help and answer any questions in regards to stoneface siding!

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My house needed a little tlc. I knew which way the wind was blowing by which curtain was flapping. And I had to ask other people for estimates on costs. I am still waiting for them? Fall 2020 I was talking to my local funeral director and he told of the great work Marios did on his roof . I called Steve, came we wrote up an estimate and waited for my turn, they are very busy and as we know supplies are tight.They started every day at 7 am they worked till 6-7 pm and every day the yard was spotless when they left. A shout out to Clem Fogarty Const out of Lakeville the house needed some sill work done and they are experts at it. As with any project and this was large it included new roof ,windows, trim ,gutters and siding the estimate from Steve was not the same as the final bill you are going to find surprises they would always tell you up front what rot they found and what was needed to fix it. I think they deserve ten stars for their great honest work. They are making towns look better one house at a time. THANKS

Michael T. Newton, MA


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