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Why Summer is the Best Time to Install Replacement Windows

Why Summer is the Best Time to Install Replacement Windows

It seems obvious that window replacement should be done during the warmer months. Homes are open to the outside air, and a bulk of the work will be performed outside. In those conditions, houses will maintain a more comfortable temperature if window replacement is performed in the summer. However, there are other reasons that make summer the best time to install replacement windows. Read on to find out more.

Caulking adheres better in the warmer weather than in the cold: Ideally, caulking should be applied when the temperature ranges from 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If this is not the case, silicone may be used to apply it, but you will need to warm the caulk before applying so it will flow smoothly and evenly. If you are hiring a contractor, all this can add to time and labor costs.

Movement of substrate: Certain materials that are used in window replacement, like vinyl and aluminum, expand in warmer weather and contract in the cold. If caulk is applied to windows when the weather is cold, it could crack and split when the materials expand as temperatures increase.

Keeps Heating Bills Low: If you replace windows during the winter, and allow cold air into your house, it will make your heater work harder, driving up your heating bill.

If you do need window replacement done in the winter, do your best to try and schedule work to be done on a relatively warm day. Try to make sure your contractor is using silicone-based caulking and encourage them to use a sealant with high joint movement capability. This will help with performance as the weather gets cold.

Replacing windows during the summer is a good choice for maintaining comfort in your household and getting the most out of your installation. Aim for this season when you are thinking about window replacement. Here’s to great new windows that provide an updated appearance to your home!

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