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The Appearance of Vinyl & Fiber Cement Siding

The Appearance of Vinyl & Fiber Cement Siding

While we have said in previous blogs that siding offers much more than just aesthetics, that is not to erase the attractiveness and even beauty that siding can bring to the table. Much like roofing, and perhaps other parts of your exterior, siding can be built from a wide variety of materials, each with its own, distinct appearance – and that is precisely the topic of today’s blog. We’ll be taking a look at the appearance of different siding materials. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below, or if you’re looking for a professional siding team on the South Shore of Massachusetts, contact us at Mario’s Quality Roofing! Call our team at 781.344.2420 or submit a contact form here!

Vinyl Siding






Cost-effective, versatile, and accessible, vinyl siding is among the most popular siding materials in the nation for all of the aforementioned reasons. In fact, when journeying through most neighborhoods in America, you are almost guaranteed to see the likes of vinyl siding, proving that it is truly a favorite among homeowners. Stylistically, vinyl siding is simple, minimalistic, and usually lacks texture, however, this is not to say that vinyl siding is dull or boring. Homeowners will be delighted to know that there are countless styles of vinyl siding out there, encompassing a wide range of different colors and hues.

Fiber Cement Siding






When it comes to texture and detail, fiber cement siding helps to up the ante. Moreso than its vinyl counterpart, fiber cement provides the eye with more to look at, while still delivering protection to last homeowners years and years. The more rugged appearance of fiber cement would suggest that it is a more durable option, and this happens to be true. For one, fiber cement siding is non-combustible, meaning that it is resistant to fire and flames, something that isn’t always true for wood and vinyl siding, for example.

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