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The Relationship Between Your Roof and Weather

Hail on metal roof

The Relationship Between Your Roof and Weather

We all know that roofs can deteriorate over time, but did you know that weather plays a significant role in the aging process of your roof?

Though we admit that there are other factors outside of weather that cause damage to your roof, there’s no doubt that the long-term effects of weather can cause their fair share of damage. In this blog, we explore various weather conditions and how they can do a number on your roof. If that sounds interesting, keep reading below to learn more information!

Understanding Your Roof

Perhaps more than any other component of your home, your roof is heavily exposed to the elements. As such, it’s smart to perform regular maintenance and upkeep on it, to ensure that it can sustain damage from up above. A substantial roofing system can keep you and your family safe for decades.

In fact, properly-installed asphalt shingle roofs are projected to last around 15 to 20 years. For those looking for a longer roof lifespan, many homeowners have turned to metal roofing, as it can provide protection for 40 to 70 years. However, in this blog, we’ll be focusing on asphalt shingle roofing as it’s the most common out of the two. Depending on climate and weather patterns, the precise life span of your roof can fluctuate. If you live here in New England, where the weather can be harsh with high winds and snow, your roof may life a shorter life than a roof in Southern California, for example.

The Effect of Sunlight

The most universal weather-related condition, it may come as surprising that sunlight has any effect on your roof at all. Though we admit the damage caused by sunlight is relatively minor, there is evidence to suggest that prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause your shingles to deteriorate over time. Like most of the negative effects caused by weather, unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to avoid this from happening to your roof.

The Effect of Rain

Though rainfall may seem daunting, there’s not much to worry about when it comes to the effects of rain on your roof. If you have a proper gutter system, you shouldn’t be worried about rain, as water will most likely be directed away from your roof.

The Effect of Snow

Snow is one of the most hazardous elements for your roof. This is because it can harm your roof in both its existing state and melted state (water is not much better for your roof!) On top of this, excess snow on your roof can result in ice dams, which can spell further problems for your gutter system.

Looking For Roof Maintenance?

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