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Tips To Help Spot A Roofing Scam

Tips To Help Spot A Roofing Scam

Home remodeling across the board is filled with people trying to make a quick buck. There are countless stories just across Massachusetts of homeowners that thought they were about to get a tremendous new roof all while it turned out to be nothing but a scam which left them with nothing but a waste of money.

A scamming roofer may be one that does extremely shady work or one that doesn’t do any work at all. There are some warning signs that can help you notice whether or not it may be a scam.

1. Storm Chasing:

Homeowners are often the most vulnerable after a big storm that follows with roof damage. Scammers thrive on these situations because homeowners want fast solutions.

The work done by storm chasers is usually extremely poor. The lifespan of a roof will be diminished dramatically and you’ll often find issues with it right away.

2. They Only Accept Cash:

If the contractor tells you that they only accept cash, this could certainly be a red flag. Scammers usually do this because cash makes it extremely hard to trace. Once they get your cash, you may never see them again. Professional roofing companies will take credit card and check payments.

3. Low Ball Pricing: 

Low prices are awesome, and the lowest price from contractors may often win the project. But, if you receive a price that’s so far below other quotes you get, it could be a cause for concern.

4. Unexpected Damage:

A scammer may often plan to find “unexpected” issues with your home that they use to jack up the price of the job.

5. Offering To Pay Your Deductible: 

A contractor can scam a homeowner by committing insurance fraud. They do this by submitting one invoice that is much lower to the homeowner and another one higher to the insurance company.

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