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Top Signs That Your Roof is Leaking Right Now!

Top Signs That Your Roof is Leaking Right Now!

Your roof is the first layer of defense against mother nature and it’s important as a homeowner that you keep it in tip top shape. That includes any required maintenance, timely repairs and a proper replacement when the time comes. Only problem is that if your roof has a leak how can you be so sure of it? Before reaching out to your local roofing contractor, these are some tell tail signs that your roof may be leaking.

Shingle Damage

One of the easiest way to tell if there is something is wrong with your roof is walking outside and taking a look at your shingles. Your shingles can show damage in a range of different ways from them completely coming off, buckling, warping or granule loss when you will actually find granules in your gutters.

Rusted Flashing

Flashing that is usually around your chimney and roof vents can give you very helpful tip into if your roof is leaking. If they are rusting, there is a very good chance that water is seeping its way into your house.

Spots in Your Ceiling

As water leaks into your house, it often can leave very noticeable spots on your ceiling. Sometimes you ignore these spots or dont notice them right away, so take a quick walk around your house and look for any. If you find spots in your ceiling, we would recommend taking some action to make sure there isn’t serious damage.

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