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Wrentham MA Contractors

Wrentham belongs to Norfolk County in Massachusetts, and is one of the former residences of Helen Keller. The town occupies almost 23 square miles of land, and is bordered by Foxboro, Bellingham, Norfolk, and Franklin. Two large lakes can be found towards the center of town, too. They are called Lake Pearl and Lake Archer. A recent census puts the population at 10,955. With over 3,000 homes in the area, Wrentham is a prime location for home improvement.

Wrentham, MA Services:

Roofing  |  Siding  |  Window Replacement  |  Gutter Installation  |  Building & Remodeling  |  Skylights

Roofing in Wrentham, MA

Did you know that a new roof can increase the re-sale value of a home by $12,000? If you’re thinking about moving soon, a new roof should be a consideration. They also keep you from running into roofing issues during the home inspection process. Investing in the health of your roof contributes to its overall appeal as a property too. New roofing technology exists today that helps increase the temperature control of your home, so by spending money on a new roof you’re actually saving yourself money in the long run.

Siding in Wrentham, MA

If you’re currently struggling to keep up with maintenance on your wood siding, then perhaps it’s time to consider some new options. Wood siding requires frequent painting, which is both time consuming and costly. We offer a variety of siding options, including some that are maintenance free. Don’t feel trapped by your siding! Give Mario’s Roofing a call to learn more about our siding options.

Replacement Windows in Wrentham, MA

With a variety of brands to choose from, Mario’s Roofing has you covered when it comes to window replacement. Not only do new windows make your home look nicer, but they also improve the functionality of your home too. If your current windows are allowing moisture to penetrate your home, or if you find your residence to be a bit too drafty, then it is time to begin looking into window replacement or repair.

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